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    I noticed a bunch of people having some difficulties removing the game cartridge from the ps vita, due to its small space on the lid for opening. I have long nails naturally so i have no difficulty whatsoever opening it. but heres a small tip anyway.

    I sometimes use a small hairpin to open the ps vita lid on the top. every woman has a bunch, so obtaining one "shouldn't" be difficult.

    Next put the tip of the hair pin one or two millimeters into the lid, not too deep tho! or else u might damage something inside.

    Then apply some gentle pressure and the lid should pop open, if it doesnt then try changing the position a bit.

    I actually have sometimes difficulty getting the stupid game cartridge out, so waht i do is hold it like in the picture below.

    And then gently apply pressure downwards on the game cartridge, makes it easier to get the game out without my finger or nails slipping around.

    If you didnt like this tip then here is a cute and ugly smiling baby.

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    could've been stickied but there's an ugly baby.
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