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    Oh dear, this is one of those bits of news where everything is in the title and you don’t really need to read this bit. However as you are reading I now have to be entertaining and informative. Curse you and your unending requirement for gaming news!

    A clever spark posted a question on the EU PlayStation blog asking when Skype was arriving on PS Vita. Here is a lovely screen capture to fill up some space.

    So there you go, Skype hopefully arriving on PS Vita by the end of of April, but you knew that already.

    However, as you have waded through this waffle, here is a fact which hopefully you did not know: The word Arctic comes from the Greek word for bear (Ursa Major – “The Bear” is a northern constellation), and Antarctic comes from the Greek “anti”, meaning the opposite.

    source: EU PS Blog
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    I signed up for Skype's monthly minute plan as I was studying abroad for the year in London and couldn't take my phone. I think this would be pretty cool for the Vita considering I wouldn't have to use my laptop all the time to Skype.
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