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I know there are some people out there who are patiently waiting for the next version of VHBL and yet again I managed to get you some more info about what to expect from it. I bet that got your attention otherwise you wouldnít still be reading this would you...Ok letís get back to the topic at hand. After speaking to one of the developers working on the next version of VHBL I have learned a little somewhat disappointing bit of news for some Vita owners.
As most of you know VHBL takes advantage of a vulnerability in different games to load a homebrew loader through the PSP emulator in the Vita. The problem that comes from this is that not all games are compatible with the emulator and doesnít allow for the homebrew loader to function properly so it limits the available game exploits considerably. Now the big effect this has is that not all the games are available in all regions of the PSN. This is one of those games, the next version of VHBL will not be available in North America.
Now there is still no release date for this version of VHBL but I can assure you that there is a lot of work going on to try and find an exploit that will be available to more people. There are a lot of possible exploits that still need to be investigated but this takes time and I would like to remind you all that the developers have lives to live and pushing them for releases could have less than favorable results. So letís all just be patient and see what happens and wait for the release. So stay tuned to DashHacks.com for all the latest info on VHBL and more.
source: psvita.dashhacks.com