Late last year, Capcom “surprised” gamers with an upgraded version of Marvel vs Capcom 3. This new version featured a number of fixes and several new challengers. Much like the original, it was highly successful, which prompted a portable version. By adding new elements like touch screen controls, can Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 stand out or will it be in the bargain bin next week?
Let’s check out the HOTs and NOTs in our review of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Vita.

Fantastic Controls
Considering you’re required to use the Vita’s built in controls, these are going to play a huge role in your overall enjoyment. If you use the DualShock 3 to play fighting games like this, it should be a pain-free transition. I would even go so far to say that the Vita plays more accurately than the DualShock3. Personally, I was able to do over 300 challenges and my thumb isn’t sore from trying to perform these tasks.
Large Roster of Characters
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has 50 playable characters, although two can only be obtained with DLC. Looking at this list, you’ll find several diverse characters to choose from. Many of the new characters like Phoenix Wright adds some interesting elements that gamers will like. These include Frank’s leveling system which adds different weapons or Phoenix’s trial system. For the most part, every character is unique, although many of the inputs are the same. This allows for the game to be far more accessible than your typical fighting game.

Heroes & Heralds
Added in a post release patch on consoles, Heroes & Heralds is a game changer. This mode is interesting because it adds RPG elements to a fighting game. You see, every card has certain effects. These include automatically doing something, unique elements, better statistics and much more. While not every card is broken, the AI will also be using them, so it offers new challenges to the existing game. However, keep in mind that Heroes & Heralds is online available through an online patch.
Perhaps the biggest highlight, is how many niche characters are featured on the cards. Characters like Captain Commando, X, Devilot and many more appear on the cards. This can make collecting them all pretty fun, as there’s plenty of unique references. Sadly they’re mostly Capcom side, but Marvel still has many fan favorites.
Similar to Blazblue, the online is simply amazing. In the few matches I played, I had no issue executing all of my commands. There was minimal to no lag, so expect a fantastic experience. There is no cross play, although this is understandable to keep things fair. If you’re simply looking for a portable fighter, this will meet your needs and then some.

Load Times
The load times in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 are just simply awful. To do basic tasks like loading a mission or exiting out of arcade mode, you’re looking at a roughly 21 second wait. This is around 3 seconds faster than Blazblue, although Blazblue is also loading a lot more content. Compared to my PS3 version of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, it only took around 10 seconds to boot a mission. This is definitely a huge jump, so I would strongly suggest thinking if you’re okay with the loading times.

Just a Port
So far, many Vita titles have been ports. With this being said, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 adds virtually nothing. If you own the console version, the only difference is a few titles and one new mode. The titles are basically based off the new mode, so don’t expect more playability from them. Additionally, the new mode or touch mode is simply awful. While the mechanics are surprisingly solid, the actual gameplay is basically broken.
The touch controls work as you might expect. Touching the X factor will activate it and the same goes for hyper attacks. However, if you just tap the screen, then you can expect a brutal combo. Simply put, the combos are way too good for what you’re doing. Ryu for instance will do a small punch combo, followed by knocking the enemy in the air for an aerial combo and ends the combo with a special attack. For the most part, this will shave off 80% of the opponent’s life. This is simply unacceptable, considering you’re just poking the screen. Thankfully, touch controls only work in that one mode, so don’t expect to see people using them online.
Finally, you’re unable to import your save. This means you’re required to redo EVERYTHING and this includes trophies. If you’re uninterested in doing these tasks again, then I strongly suggest skipping out. If you’re okay with this, currently you can get both DLC versions (PS3 / Vita) in a single purchase. This also includes existing purchases.
For the most part, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 looks perfect on the Vita. The only issue, is the quality of some graphics. You can expect many things to look blurry and this makes things look lazy. To make matters worse, many titles have the text scrunched together. This gives them a cluttered feeling that can make them hard to read.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a fantastic game, but the Vita version isn’t a game changer. If you already own the game, you’re basically doing everything again. Touch controls were an interesting idea, although you can beat very hard by just tapping on the screen. I strongly suggest the console version, over the Vita version, as the only perk is portability. In the end, it’s a good portable fighter, although it could have been much better.