It’s safe to say that sales of the PS Vita for the US and UK seems to be pretty positive and the lineup of launch games is very impressive, but there is still plenty to come in the future. The anticipation level for one game in particular has gamers all hot under the collar, and that is the release of Call of Duty on Sony’s latest console.
The game was always going to be a favorite for the Vita, so it’s great to hear that Activision has said COD is coming to the new device and according to this article should be with us some time in the fall. As yet the developer has not let any other details slip, such as the Call of Duty title and a precise release date, but we’ll take this news as enough for now.

However, we know that it won’t be the rumored Black Ops 2, but maybe the Vita will get the first version to give users the taste for zombies? While Uncharted: Golden Abyss has been the biggest seller for the Vita so far the sales figures will be nothing when compared to a COD title, and it’s just this that Sony are banking on to help increase sales.
Maybe Call of Duty on the Vita will be launched in December, what better way to create excitement for both the console and the new game in the build up to the holiday season, and if Sony do their job right then we could see a COD bundle offer as well?
Activision needs to work on the Vita version of the game to offer something a little more special and not the run of the mill content that we are used too. Maybe what the developer needs to do is launch an original title just for Sony’s latest handheld gaming console, but we have to remember that Activision has an issue with thinking outside of the box and would rather not change something that works?
You can’t blame them for that way of thinking because if the title is what we have already seen in the past it will still go on to sell a huge number of copies. Believe it or not Call of Duty was only the second most anticipated game for the Vita, the number one spot went to Nathan Drake.