PopCap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies has graced every platform imaginable since its 2009 PC debut; shockingly, it’s still as good and refreshing now as it was then. If you’re
not familiar with Plants vs. Zombies and you own a PS Vita, it’s time to become acquainted. Like the title states, the game
revolves around players defending their homes from brain-craving zombies using nothing other than plants placed on the field. The PS Vita version keeps the engaging gameplay found in previous versions, but adds sharper visuals and a different control scheme. The 2D game basically remains the same: it’s a tower defense title that’s easy to learn, but takes a bit of time and thinking to master.

Simplicity is the beauty of this game. Zombies tread on a lawn in hopes of reaching a house, and you must defend said house. Players have to develop a green thumb and plant sunflowers, which generate your main resource, sunshine. With sunshine you can buy offensive plants, like peashooters, that destroy the walking dead. As you go further in the game,you unlock new plants and have to fend off beefier zombies like the hilariously named Zomboni who, as the name suggests, rides a Zamboni.

Plants vs. Zombies has an over the top quirkiness that is infectious. It’s hard to resist the charm of seeing a zombie hopping around on a dolphin.
The Vita offers new control schemes. Rather than tapping sunshine bits to collect them, the Vita can be given a light shake to gather the resources. The control versatility also lets you use the touch screen just like in the iOS and Nintendo DS iteration of the game, or you can use the Vita’s D-pad, sticks, and shoulder buttons.The cartoony graphics fit the game’s quirky theme perfectly and are really enhanced by the Vita’s beautiful display. The colors are sharp, and vibrant. The cheery-yet-slightly-eerie music did get tiring as it became repetitive, but the tunes are fun and riddled with occasional zombie groans.
There is trophy support and, surprisingly, the trophies for the Vita version of the game differ from the PlayStation 3 version and even include a Platinum trophy for those obsessed players. There is also a good amount of content here with 50 levels of tower defense action, Survival mode, and Puzzle mode (which letss you to play as zombies). In all, Plants vs. Zombies for the Vita is a game is really for those who have yet to experience this amazing game, but the price will keep most from double dipping at a staggering $14.99