The upcoming PlayStation Vita action-platformer, Sumioni: Demon Arts, has gone gold, Xseed Games today announced. The game is set to release exclusively as a digital download on the PlayStation Network on March 20 for $19.99 USD.

The game is set in ancient Japan in classical “sumi-e” ink art style. Players will control Agura, a single Inkdemon who has been summoned from a slumber to rid the land of a sinister evil. You’ll experience epic boss battles and a branching story with diverging arcs and multiple endings.

Using the unique features of the PS Vita, players can use the touchscreen to manipulate the environment and help Agura navigate the world. You can paint brushstroke-like platforms with a swipe of your finger across the touchscreen, and you can also use the screen to summon allies. You can also battle foes with powerful elemental attacks using the touchscreen.

Look for 30 stages, multiple endings, online leaderboards, and DLC planned to support post-launch.