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    If you did a quick specs comparison of the Sony PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS, I think most people would choose the 3DS as having the longer battery life. Itís hardware isnít as powerful and it has two low resolution displays. The Vita on the other hand has a 5-inch touchscreen, another touch panel on the back, and a 4-core ARM processor and 4-core graphics chip pumping out HD visuals.

    Even so, the PS Vita thrashes the 3DS on battery life. And by thrashes I mean offers an additional 1 hour and 10 minutes between charges.

    Proof of this comes in the form of a video recorded by a Japanese gamer who owns a 3DS, PS Vita, and PSP-3000. His simple test was to turn on all three fully-charged handhelds simultaneously and time how long they ran for just looping a game. The Vita played Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the 3DS played Monster Hunter 3G, and the PSP played Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. All three machines had their brightness set to full, and the 3DS had 3D on the highest setting too.

    The 3DS empties its battery first after just 2 hours and 35 minutes. The PS Vita went 46% longer achieving 3 hours 47 minutes. The PSP was the clear victor though, managing over 9 hours. However, the PSP cheated by having an extended battery installed (2200mAh).

    The reason for the large time differences between the 3DS and Vita can be put down to two aspects of the systems. The 3DS uses significantly more power when 3D is turned on and it has a much smaller battery: 1300mAh compared to the Vitaís 2100mAh. The Vita still impresses though when you consider the hardware it uses.

    What this does show is that the Vita is surprisingly the better portable gaming unit to take on a trip away from a power outlet. It also offers much better visuals and will soon catch up on the breadth of games offered too.
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    pretty cool comparison.... nice to see a size comparison in the pic too.....impressive for the amount of graphics etc you get with the vita
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    Really nice post here..
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    not that impressive, considering i bought a Nyko extended battery for my 3ds, which now gives me a good two days before the next recharge. and yes, max 3d, max brightness. blahblah
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lea View Post
    not that impressive, considering i bought a Nyko extended battery for my 3ds, which now gives me a good two days before the next recharge. and yes, max 3d, max brightness. blahblah
    im gonna have to buy that. i play mario kart for an hour and it seems my battery is already red. But i believe the vita has a closed in battery meaning no third party better batteries? i guess they wanted to cancel out battery mod thing this time around.
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    Not only that, the low power state pulls only 49 milli amps in low power mode. Left in low power mode for 2 days the battery stayed at max. I can imagine it lasting an extremely long time if left to sit.
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    you guise play mario kart? we should join up then.

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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    Here's some PS Vita battery saving tips, mine lasts for a good 5-7 hours.

    Go to Settings, turn off Bluetooth at Bluetooth Settings in Network. If you need it, turn it on only when needed.
    Do the same for Wifi.
    Turn off System Music, and the notification alerts except for the first one, so the PS Button and the Sound.
    Turn brightness all the way down, or if that bothers you too much just a little under half way.
    Go to Location Data and turn it all off. Location data is not needed and updates in the background if you have 3G or using Wifi. I turn it on only when using Near and then turn it back off.
    In System, turn off the Auto-Start Settings. If you wanna use them, turn it on yourself, no need to waste your battery.
    Auto Standby should be put at 1 minute. 3 minutes most if it bugs you that it turns off so fast.
    Go to Group Messaging, go to Settings (in the group messaging) and turn receive automatically off. It updates in the background and is a killer.
    When not using an application, close it completely. If you leave an app like PS Store, Video, or a game open while not using it, the LiveArea screen updates and yes, it does kill your battery.

    That's all that I know about, I'll let you know more if it comes up.

    I'm going to make this to a thread so others can also post more tips and it'll be easier to find.
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    nice comparisons made which really is of very much help ..... now very soon i am going to have vita as during playing games with 3D it looses its power very soon... i will surely post this thread to all my friends so that they may also know the differences between these two
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