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  1. #1 PlayStation Vita gets a content management app, plays nice with PS3 and PC 
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    Worried your PlayStation Vita is going to be so full of repurchased PSP content that you won't be be able to store it all? Yeah, neither are we -- but if you want another place to keep your Vita's picture, video, music and game content, Sony says your PC and PS3 will do nicely. An application page on the Japanese PlayStation website details a Vita app that lets users transfer data between the three platforms, noting that content can be purchased on the PC or PS3, and then transferred to the Vita for use later. Gamers looking to save scratch on that not-so-optional memory card will be able to use this content sharing feature to get the most out of whatever size storage they can afford. Sure, 4GB of storage the cheapest Vita memory card offers isn't ideal, but at least Sony is throwing you a bone to make it work.

    source: engadget

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    Well to be honest CMA does NOT play nice....tsk tsk sony spying on their consumer. That however can be fixed.....head over to and pick up your copy of openCMA. Dont forget to give props for that lovely patch. As for you Hard-Modders out there the vita memory card is just a slightly modified M2 card with low level encryption commonly shipped out with phones such as the sony ericsson C902 (007 Quantum of Solace...Bonds phone).....Hella cheaper then a 4gb I currently have 32gb in my vita. Although its useless, demos and droneware like facebook dont take up much space.

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    There isn't that much on the PSN to buy IMO....
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    pure tactics to get you into the net
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