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    I live in australia and have a ps3.

    Can i get a ps3 can from somewhere else and use it.. as in europe or usa.

    Also would pal ntcs be an issue. I have a modern setup. lcd tv and so..

    ( i ask this cuase on xbox360 i could only play pal game cuase of the console)

    i thought ps3 got anywhere will play on any ps3?
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    Why would you go to the trouble of importing a PS3 from elsewhere? Don't they sell them in Australia?

    But the games are region free. The console, you'll have to figure out power plugs/converters.
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    the games are region free, The only thing you need to make sure of is the PAL / NTSC as im not to sure on that
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    Most modern flatscreen TV's have an NTSC/PAL autoselect built in to the TV. For example, I can play PAL PS2 game discs on my hacked NTSC PS2 no problem because my TV autoswitches to PAL and displays it appropriately on my TV when it sees the 50hZ signal.
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