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  1. #1 What router to I need to do all this? 
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    I have recently purchased a 320gb PS3 Slim and I am finding it difficult to decide which router to get, mainly because there does not seem to be one particular router that does all I want it to and does not cost the earth.

    This is what I am looking for in terms of what the router can do:-

    Provide a fast & stable connection for PS3 and PC.
    Is reasonably easy to set up.
    Will allow me to stream content to my PS3, notably HD movies.

    That last bit is the thing that is causing the most trouble as it seems that in order to stream HD movies I am going to need a gigabit router (we be mostly wired), however those either seem to be a fair bit more expensive and/or a pain to set up.

    If anyone has got any advice or recommendations I would appreciate your help. Oh and I am on ADSL 2+ not cable.
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    You're gonna hook up the PS3 with the ethernet? I would suggest any N router but you probably don't need a N if you are gonna connect everything via ethernet. A G router would work fine if everything is physically connected to the router.

    I would still go with the N router seeing how they are getting cheaper.

    ex. Like this: Netgear WNR2000 Wireless N Router - 300Mbps, 802.11n, 4-Port, Recertified at
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    The thing is that I am unsure whether a normal router (be it g or n) is going to allow me to stream HD movies to my PS3 via a wired connection. Its definitely a no-go via wireless, but I keep reading that it is possible if you have a gigabit ethernet router.

    If thats the case then I may purchase one with that feature (looking for recommendations) however if it is not possible/difficult then I might as well save my money and just purchase the original router I was looking at that does not have gigabit ethernet.

    So many options/decisions. Its doing my head in to be honest.
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    listen...i have the cheapest router there is, i live on the 2nd floor of a 2'll stream vids easy as shit, via a wired connection is even better. i use wired, goes from my modem to my router, to my switch to my ps3 and 360...easy. i have streamed it via wireless as well, just put in the modem info and away you go, so simple, no super modem is needed to do the best priced router, not happy, return it for the next one...i spent 39.99 and am happy as could be and never had an issue with either system.

    this is what i use, and i made this guide, for streaming my videos from my pc to my ps3:
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