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    I am new to the ps3 and was looking for a good game and i found out about this one. I thought i might get it ,but since it is the 4th one, i am not sure if i willl get the story. Do I need to get the other games to understand it or is it okay to play it without them. Also, is it a good game to even get?

    PS. i mostly want to know if i will need to know anything before playing it.
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    devil man cry 4 sounds like a satanic porn.

    anyway, far as i heard, not near as good as 3. i have 3, and i find it kind of so-so, but most people seem to hail it. it's pretty cool. i only played the demo of 4, but you know demos, so biased.

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    they are RE-doing DMC... changing the main character and possibly the story... 1 and 2 are pretty I remember those..
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