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    Mine's actually a RLOD, don't know if that's the same thing or not. In most cases, seen on YouTube, the PS3 system will power up for a little, then shut itself down. Mine crashed last night while playing, and now it won't even boot; it just boots, then flashes a yellow light and crashes, sending the constant red blinking light.

    So obviously, I can't hold down the power button to reset the software. I'm certainly not handy with any soldering and dismantling of tiny pieces, let alone have 2 free hours devoted to the repair. And there's no telling it's the HDD unless I buy a new one and stick it in there, right? (Losing all the information that was on the previous one.)

    Sooo... in short, there's no telling what's wrong until you successfully replace everything?
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    here give this a read other that that you would have to send it to sony
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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