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    Please note: This is not a professional review, it is just my using experience. Thank you for your reading!

    4 days ago, I ordered it on an online store, and received yesterday, nice speed! Then i can't wait to test it, until now, it works well. Here is my using experience. Let's get it started!
    Firsly, let's take a look at its basics!

    What's Inside the Box?
    I was a little impressed by its outward appearance at first sight, it's a beautiful small delicate box, and it is half transparent. It looks like a small present.

    Open the box, it is the ps3 break, and also connect to a soft blue string. The top and bottom of the box was mounted with a magnet, so it is stable when you close it.

    Take out the PS3 break and check more details. There is a small button called “upgrade”, plug the PS3 break into the computer and press the “upgrade” button, you can login the Upgrade Mode.

    I am gald to find that PS3 break was working smoothly throughout the test, even there wasn't any error condition when i switched power-on and off many times. Another surprise is that when i pulled out the PS3 break after loged in game ,it still worked, nothing changed. It is stable as usual, even faster and more efficient than CD-ROM .This is the highlight of the product, i think!

    Generally, i am satisfied with the PS3 break which i received, thanks to the break team. i will do more tests in the later time, and i will keep on updating, if you guys have any questions or other using experience, please feel free to share here. Appreciate your help ! I will try my best to do it well!
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    nice joining 1st post...but isn't that method way old?? plus, we're not supposed to be talking about ps3 breaking on here anymore...must of missed all those stickies stating so.
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    You know it's an adbot when their IP originates from China and they use a throwaway email address from http:://
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