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Thread: Welcome Back Program Error Fix

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    those that may not know the welcome back program is now being offered.the free games can be grabbed for 30 days from now so get to it

    problems however arise in high network traffic and if you back out of the welcome back option u have to accept before choosing the free game or error out it will disappear.guys u are not sol heres how to still get the content

    go to account management>transaction management>services list>SCEA Promotion and you will find the missing welcome back package program offers on the package you are missing from this list and select the option select will then drag you to select your game.if it keeps erroring keep trying till you finally get the game downloading on your ps3!

    i didnt see this posted yet so instead of people losing their ability to get free games i thought i would shed some light how to fix this monster of an error
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    ^^ Sony stated you can download them any time within 30 days of the relese of the package.
    Vader PSP2000 6.60ME 1.8
    Just got back on the scene testing thing out for now.

    Threads to look at.

    1.) How to: Install Opera Mini on your PSP
    2.) Best OFW/CFW Internet radio
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    nice...i know a few had that issue so nice posting...i got my Infamous and Little Big Planet now sweat last night and my ps+ as well.

    edit...i stickied this in the ps3 general section cause i'm sure there's going to be posts soon about this error
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    Thank you!!11
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    your unsure why your thanking me now as this is a few yrs ago and the welcome back pakage should no longer exist lol but your welcome anyways
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