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    I see the sections on software and hardware modds. but what is the diff other then the battery mods?sorry just a newbe trying to learn..
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    it's like software and hardware.
    soft - (program apps, etc.)
    hard- (mother board, gpu, ddr3mc, etc.) and the rest is explainable.
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    frankly faust, i already know what hard/softmods are and your post confuses me brah.

    A softmod uses software to mod something.

    A hardmod uses physical handwork to mod something.

    e.g. -on an appropriate psp, Jimmy Deepthroat can turn a normal battery into a pandora using just the psp's firmware. He softmodded it.

    -Jack Manswallow opened the shit out of his battery and pandorized it using a tiny screwdriver and the world's smallest wrench. He hardmodded it.

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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