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    The unfortunate fact is our connections are way too random to be solely relied on, we’ve got to take matters into our own hands. My connection was the same, disconnection after every 10 minutes over and over. It was excruciating however all that instantly changed once I put my PS3 into a De-militarized Zone (DMZ).
    What a DMZ does basically is open up your PS3 to any and all traffic off off the internet coming from your router. You should NEVER try it on your PC but it’s perfectly fine for the PS3.

    It is a relatively simple procedure that shouldn’t take up much time but will instantly change your online experience.

    Start off by turning on your console and going into Settings —> Network Settings

    What we’re about to do here is give your PS3 a static IP address so that your router can always locate it with ease.

    Now check the Settings and Connection Status List and note down two things

    The IP address
    The Default Router

    Now it’s time to make some changes to your Internet connection settings, the option is right there in the network settings sub-menu.

    Do the following as prompted

    Select ‘Custom’
    Select your connection type. Better to have a wired connection for optimum performance.
    Select Auto-Detect at the next screen and continue to the IP Address menu.
    Here select manualYou’ll now see a screen with 5 options:IP Address
    Here enter the number you noted down before but change the last digit. Think of the last digit as the number of things connected to your router, think of the what that number could be and change the last digit to well beyond that so there’s never a chance of a conflict. Like if you think it’s 20, change it to 50. It should look something like this — only goes up to 255 so keep that in mind though and remember only to change the last digit. Once you’ve settled on a number don’t forget this IP. You’ll be using it soon.

    Subnet Mask
    Don’t change this from

    Default Router
    Just put in the value you noted before.

    Primary and Secondary DNS
    You can use the same values as the default router here or you could google DNS settings that are more suited for PTCL
    For MTU – select Automatic
    Do not use a proxy server.
    As for UPnP, I’ve had better experiences disabling it but it has known to be better for other people so no harm in trying it. If you have problems with your mic, then disable it.
    Review the list and test your connection.

    Don’t panic if it fails, there’s one last step. You’re going to need to go over to your PC. Open up your router settings by typing (default for all PTCL routers) in your browser bar.

    Go into Advanced Settings –> NAT –> DMZ Host. The option should be in the same place for other modems, just fiddle around a bit. You’ll get a screen like this once you select DMZ host

    Ok so you remember that IP I told you to note down? The one you entered under IP address in your PS3, well just enter that here and you are done. Save and apply the router settings and reboot it along with your console.

    Hopefully you’ll feel quite a lot of difference afterwards, better latencies, faster matchmaking in games etc.

    source: Zain Naeem

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    Nice find here. This could help alot of people.
    In an Ideal world I would have all ten fingers on my left hand and my right hand would just be used for punching.

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