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  1. #1 can i connect ps3 slim to this moniter? please answer 
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    will my ps3 work if connected to a monitor (acer G205H limited Olympic edition it has a vga port a dvi-d port audio-in port has built in speakers and of course a ac-port) with a hdmi to dvi cable my monitor is hdcp compatible anyone tried i already know that it does not carry sound but i already know how to connect sound so do not bother telling me about sound i already ordered the cable but just wanna know what to expect if anyone has tried it please tell me what happened and do not hesitate to leave your thoughts or suggestions here i don't care about the resolution too much the picture should just come properly on the monitor as long as it is at least 480p also add me on psn i have only a few friends psn:kratosssj411 thanks in advance please answer help appreciated.
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