Thread: Can a PAL PS3 (60GB) run a NTSC PS2 game... at all?

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  1. #1 Can a PAL PS3 (60GB) run a NTSC PS2 game... at all? 
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    i thought the ps3 was region free, but you need to start up a U.S. account or user, I could be completely wrong though.

    edit: Well after reading a little the ps3 is region free for ps3 games, region locking is only on the b/c which sucks, so I dont know if starting a U.S. user account would work or not.
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    the only reason to play a ntsc ps2 game for you is to change the pal device to a ntsc device -_-

    ps: or you try it with the ps2 software update from the us account that could work to
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