Thread: Tutorial on how to put CFW on a PS3?

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  1. #1 Tutorial on how to put CFW on a PS3? 
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    My firmware on the PS3 is 4.30 at the moment but my problem is if my PS3 is eligible for such thing since Im seeing some "FAQs" out there that says some model of the PS3 cannot be downgraded such as CECH-25xx, 3K models and 4K models.

    -How can I know my PS3 model #? - bought it 2 years ago
    -Any good-great guides out there about putting CFWs on the PS3?


    EDIT: I saw this one [Release] OFFICIAL PS3 JAILBREAK 4.31/4.30/4.25 Free Download Link - MEDIAFIRE - YouTube but cant quite seem to tell if its legit or not and also if it would work on my PS3

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    Yor ps3 NEEDS to be 3.55 to get cfw.
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