Thread: how do i run psp games on a ps3 system

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  1. #1 how do i run psp games on a ps3 system 
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    we have recently recieved a ps3 for christmas and i have just heard of all the neat homebrews that you can run on it (kinda like psp) but is there something i have to do before i start running homebrews (softmod and install custom firmware like on a psp)

    i also want to know how to run psx, snes, gameboy and nintendo 64 games thankx for the help guys
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    well for starters you have to jailbrake it... either buy one of those USB dongle things or try to get the code yourself and do it...
    as for Emu I know that the SNES works pretty good, not sure about the N64 or Gameboy... PSX all ps3 play those... with out modding..
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