If you don't know Steam (a cloud gaming company that is going cross platform from PC to PS4) has sponsor the new wave of gaming known since the early 90 as virtual reality.

The improvement that the engineer has done for the device has gone out of the box and conferrable on your couch.

Now Sony has got on the train (trend) and are releasing there own version of the virtual reality sol for the PS4 (and maybe the vita?)

Specification about the new VR for the PS4

*1080p display
*1000Hz motion detection
*Only one headset at a time is supported
*Headset is currently connected to the PS4 by a 5-meter wire
*Positional/rotational head tracking
*Tracking is handled by the same camera that tracks PS4 Move controllers
*It works for people with glasses
*Content pushed to the Morpheus can be mirrored to a TV, but it sounds like it can handle asymmetric gameplay (different things on each screen) as well.
*An “Open air” design prevents the lenses from fogging up. (It’ll be interesting to see how they prevent light leaking in)

more information about the Morpheus on this LINK