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    how do i find the DNS server....

    because i just bought this dumb WIFI max thing..that is so complicated to setup...talking bout "quick and easy,connect to the internet within seconds" dont belive that lol...took me 2 days and i still cant figure it out

    well is there away that i can find my dns server..cause one dude said u can get it from the Command>cmd>ok>ipconfig....but i dont see the dns server...all i see is ip address,subnet mask,and default getway...or
    if someone is kind enough too show me step by step to how to set it up..

    that would be great thx
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    ipconfig /all is the correct command... make sure you put a space after ipconfig...

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    If all else fails, call your ISP and request the DNS IP addresses to use.

    Use the #s if ya do. These are general ones to use. May not work on your network but check it out. Founded when googled for DNS. From what I gather they are for anyone to use but I may be wrong. Just check it out before you use them.

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