Thread: NEED HELP to install cheat master!!!!!

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  1. #1 NEED HELP to install cheat master!!!!! 
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    Hi guys, i am really getting frustrated on installing the cheatmaster on my new slim 3.71 m33.

    I've dl the cheatmaster0.7, 0.6c and even the newest one
    0.8 on the official site, but i still can not get it to work. I follow the
    step to add path on the game150 and game txt and put all the stuff correctly, it just dont seem to work. When i in game i plus the + ,- or both + and - key still nothing pop out. Is that cheatmaster can not be installed on 3.71 m33-3 or i just done it in a wrong way....

    if u know how to install it on 3.71 m33 pls teach me and also kindly

    provides me ur version of Cheatmaster and the path in setplugin. Thank!!
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    it doesnot support slim!
    M33 is Dark_Alex

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