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    Chapter 2: Tips for the battery

    1. How long is the battery able to sustain?
    The battery can sustain about 4 to 6 hours when play games, and 3 to 5 when watch movies. In standby mode, the battery sustains about 6 to 10 hours.

    2. Do I need to charge the battery up more then 12 hours in the prime 3 uses?
    It is unnecessary to charge the battery deeply. Unlike the Ni-MH battery, the lithium battery in the PSP does not need deep charging in the first 3 uses.

    3. How long does it need to charge the battery up?
    It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, but it is recommended to charge the battery for extra 20 to 30 minutes to charge the battery up actually.

    4. If you play games or watch movies with power adapter for long, you had better get the battery out to extend the life of it.

    5. 24 hours after the battery is gotten out, the system will re-initialize and date and time need to be reset. Do not worry about this for it is normal.

    Chapter 3: About the WiFi

    1. The WiFi Switch is on the left side of the PSP. Push upward to turn on and push downward to turn off, and make sure you do not confuse them. For the WiFi function is similar to BlueTooth, you had better to turn it off to save the power after the use.

    2. To avoid negative influence to electronic devices and medical devices, please keep the WiFi off when you are on the plane, in the hospital or near the fire alarm.

    Chapter 4: About the LCD

    1. It is recommended to use a piece of LCD protective film to avoid potential damages to the screen.

    2. Note: The LCD will be damaged if a static image is displayed for too long.

    3. Use soft fabric or paper to clean the LCD, and do not use rough paper, which may scratch the screen.

    Chapter 5: Convert, store and play movies

    1. Generally, PSP supports two video formats: MP4 and AVC. To be played, video files of different formats should be stored in proper folders, which are needed to be created by you. Please refer to the following instruction:
    [1]. Create a folder named "100MNV01" under the MP_ROOT folder in the memory stick.. This folder is used for storing MP4 videos.
    [2]. Create a folder named "100ANV01" under the MP_ROOT folder, and store AVC videos in this folder.
    Tips: For the inconvenience of creating folders and transmitting videos to certain folders manually, I recommend you to use Agile PSP Video Manager, which is a freeware for transmitting videos between your PSP and the computer. You can find the download link in the bottom of this article.

    2. How can I convert videos of various formats to PSP compatible videos?
    There are many softwares for converting video files to PSP compatible videos. Agile PSP Video Converter is one of the best and easiest. With only 3 steps, you can convert almost all popular video such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV… to PSP rapidly.
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    this is a good tutorial for the new comers, but you may want to include features for the slim version as well (the WiFi is on the top, etc.)
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    True, it is a good noob tutorial though.
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    good guide mate, highlight the sub-headings so it stands, itll look better
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