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    After getting "this video cannot be played" I spent hours trying to figure it out. Luckily I did. If your using PSP Video 9 to encode , you must set the setting in the profile to max resolution of 320x240 - and the screen width the 480x272 thus the image must stretch a bit but looks good still. Just set the video wizard setting on the left hand side, and as for the sliders you can use NEW FORMAT, WIDESCREEN and leave the others at their default. THE Reason you get that error is because Sony put a max resolution for storing on memory sticks for copyright reasons I guess.
    The reason people were getting the errors was the encoding was being done with no max set. setting can be found in Video tab > my profile area and then don't forget to save it.

    I tried 5 videos already and have no more problems.
    finally. Sam
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    wat are saying ??????
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    well done in your achievment
    Great sig made by Major zero
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    Quote Originally Posted by naruto0329 View Post
    wat are saying ??????
    basically he says:
    if you used psp video 9 to convert your videos for your psp and got the "video cannot be played" message, DONT set the resolution of the video to the full size of the screen.
    recommended size: 320x240
    psp full screen size: 480x272

    this has worked for me. :P

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