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    hey guys, i have a 2gb adn a 1gb usb flash drive - is there any way of using these with my PSP? i have a 2gb MS, and somewhere i have another one. but there jstu never seems to be enough space!

    i woudl assume that it wont work via teh USB connector, is there an adapter or something i coudl use? or woudl a custom firmware be able to take advantage of that?
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    From what i read, that could only be possible by re-writing the USB drivers on the PC and PSP.
    The problem (i think) is that the PSP doesn´t act like a host computer to talk to the USB pen(both are trying to be USB drives).
    I´ve read that someone is working on that to conect a solid state hard disk to the PSP, but last time i saw anything about that, the mod maker was not talking anymore and was working on making a better mod and only afterwards it would make a tutorial... i´m going to try and find that post for you.

    Edit:Looks like Sony is looking in to that also: recently had a discussion with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) CEO David Reeves and the above mentioned topic was brought up. According to Reeves, the idea is still being considered even though a new PSP model is being introduced. He explained:

    There's a point in time when you have to put a stake in the ground and say we're going to go with flash memory or we're going to go with hard drive. I don't think they've put that stake in the ground just yet. So they're thinking about it. I think they'll get through Christmas and think about what the next step would be. You might hear more later.

    And here it is the forums discussion that i was talking up there, makes for some interesting reading.
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