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    Well, as you can see from my name tag, i am very confused so i decided to make a post :P

    I have read many of the other posts and i still don't understand anything, i could pay 50pounds to get this done for me but i know that a con.

    So all i know is that my Psp system is 2.60, hadn't done anything to it yet. I just want to mob it to plays the old cool games any help on getting started or links i might have miss would be great
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    OK your on 2.60 OFW on a phat psp.
    You need to find out what mother board you have HERE
    1) update to 2.71 OFW,get the files here
    Then you do this tutorial in this link
    You want 2.71 downgrader.The one for your mother board
    take your time if hend-c doesn't work the first time keep trying
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    Sorry, so which firmware should i install there is so many btw my motherboard is

    I copy this

    "WS259" means the psp has a TA-81 Motherboard which means it CAN be downgradable (if you have a 2.71 or lower)
    and my letter on the box is C if this does help

    I found no Firmware for 1.52 so that mean there isn't any?
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