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    I know a CSO is a compressed ISO, I also know they take longer to load, because the game has to uncompress on the fly, and some games have trouble with it, and lag a bit.

    I'm pretty sure DAX and JSO are other compression types, but are they faster loading, slower loading, smaller (more compressed), bigger (not as compressed) etc?

    I'm using YACC v4.03 to compress/decompress stuff BTW.
    What's the differnce between CSO and CSOplus?
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    my games are in iso and cso format, but never encounter slows in loading.
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    yea i use CSO/ISO files, i dont notice any lag. but to answer your question, a DAX file is a form of compression made by dark_alex. and a JSO is... well i have no idea because i never heard of such a thing.
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    I think he meant to put "ISO", not "JSO"...
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    DAX and JSO were only supported by devhook. I imagine support was dropped in the transition to custom firmware for a good reason, but I really don't know.

    I think the only difference between ciso and cisoplus is that the latter can selectively compress files. For example, video files are already as compressed as they can feasibly be, so it's pointless to compress them further, and only consumes more time at compression and decompression. So you can have cisoplus ignore those files as well as any other file type you specify.
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    I had the same question myself recently, and on some other forums I found this.

    Quote Originally Posted by tiamatloc(From some other forums)
    CSO is Booster's original compressed ISO format.

    DAX is Dark AleX's method of compressing ISOs.

    JSO is Uncle Jam's method.

    The DAX format is pretty much obselete now. It is slower to decompress whilst playing the game and slightly heavier on memory than CSO. It did have features for tweaking compression and leaving video/audio files uncompressed to reduce lag but both of these features are in CSO as well now thanks to kapoue3 and Cisoplus! which sealed the DAX format's fate (that and the fact there is no plugin for the custom firmwares, DAX is for devhook only).

    JSO was created to try and be faster to decompress than CSO to try and cure the lag problem in the rare games that still lag on low compression (like the GTA games). Like the DAX format there are no plugins for the custom firmwares so this format pretty much dies too.

    CSO has been the preferred standard for some time now and even though a few rare games like GTA do have problems i can't see this situation changing anytime soon. In fact if the CSO driver in the custom firmware could be optimized slightly to cure the GTA problem it would be perfect, though having the seen the source for the driver i don't think it wouldn be easy to optmize. Who knows.
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