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    I used the "How to create a Pandora's Battery and Slim MS without a Fat PSP" guide to get my Slim running on 3.6 m33. Right after than I updated it to 3.93 m33. Soon after, I realized that most people were still using 3.9 m33 and some plugins weren't supported on 3.93. It wouldn't let me downgrade to 3.9 after installing the 3.93, so I re-did the whole pandora thing to reinstall 3.6 again, then I updated it to 3.9.

    I was wondering if this is ok to do, or should I have tried to downgrade another way? I was just thinking maybe this isn't the right way to do it and it might mess something up?
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    You can use your first method any amount of times you like - Stay away from 3.93 CFW - It's not an official release from Dark Alex.

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    wait then who realeased it?

    o ya 3.93 isnt dark alex.... 3.90M33-3 is
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