Thread: Is this guy on something or is this real?

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  1. #1 Is this guy on something or is this real? 
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    Someone just contacted me to help with a firmware "downgrade" from 5.01 official firmware. No problem there I have done that more than a few times for people, we worked out all the details but at the last min he said something that made me wonder.

    TheOtherGuy: i have a question
    TheOtherGuy: ....
    TheOtherGuy: can u help me with my psp
    Me:: hi
    Me:: sorry was out to lunch
    TheOtherGuy: its ok i need help
    Me:: what can i do for you?
    TheOtherGuy: psp im trying to get my version lowered so i can get the umd disk onto my memory stick
    Me:: do you have custom firmware or ever done it before?
    TheOtherGuy: i have verson 5.01
    Me:: ok, it requires special tools and programs to make them custom firmware, i have everything that is needed so there are a few options
    Me:: first what city and state do you live in?
    TheOtherGuy: somewhere, USA
    Me:: not familiar with Somewhere, let me look it up and see where it is
    TheOtherGuy: its in XYZ county
    Me:: yeah thats a pretty good ways off
    Me:: the easiset thing to do will be for you to get the parts and mail them to me, i can modify them and send them back and walk you through how to do it
    Me:: all you need is a 512mb up to 2gb pro duo memory stick and an authentic psp battery
    Me:: the one they sell with it or a real sony brand battery from a local retailer works, the cheap nockoff batteries dont work
    Me:: i dont charge to do the work but you are responsible for postage both ways
    TheOtherGuy: ok i will send the 2 gb and the battery but i am worried about one thing
    Me:: what is that?
    TheOtherGuy: i have videos on there do they have to be deleted or can i leave them on there
    Me:: best to save all that to a computer because i might be able to put them back on but i do have to format the memory stick to do it
    Me:: so if you can save a copy before you mail it that would be the safest thing to do
    TheOtherGuy: ok done
    TheOtherGuy: but can i ask somethin
    Me:: sure
    TheOtherGuy: i have xp on my psp and i tried to get a program called xfire onto it but it would not work is there a way that u could get it to work
    Me:: not sure i would have to look up and find out, i have not heard of anyone running xfire on a psp but there should be some way to port it
    TheOtherGuy: ok just one last thing
    TheOtherGuy: where do i send it
    Me:: thats easy
    Me:: you can send it to me at my work place, just be sure when you take it to the post office or which ever shipping service you use, that you find out return postage cost and include it in the package
    Me:: Me:
    Me:: #######
    Me:: 555 ###########
    Me:: City, State 99999
    TheOtherGuy: oh when it gets there be sure to email me letting me know u got it ok
    Me:: sure thing
    TheOtherGuy: ok bye
    Me:: bye

    Note: Some info changed to protect identities and such but you get the idea. so not having heard anything about this and having no idea other than the random videos that look like crap on google (which might easily be fake) is this for real?
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    umm... there are windows xp portals for psp... but no actual XP installations, which probably means no xfire available as of yet.... or ever probably.

    xp on psp? maybe he custom themed it and tricked himself, i dunno
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    thats what i figured but wasnt sure. i think he does not know what he is talking about.
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    The XP thing is called pspwxp. Losers on ebay are selling it as XP, and idiots keep buying it. Sigh.. its a collection of webpages. I kept reporting the ebay sellers but then i got tired of it, they kept making new accounts. Im sure this is what the guy has. I put in on mine to see it, its lame.
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    pspwxp is lame, it's just a web browser portal and sucks ass
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    haha someone got played lol
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