Thread: Hey has anyone watched Dead Space: Downfall?

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  1. #1 Hey has anyone watched Dead Space: Downfall? 
    I just watched Dead Space: Downfall today. It goes with the Dead Space game that I have been dying to get my hands on. I want a PS3 so bad its driving me crazy now. (Yeah yeah, someone is gonna crack that I am already crazy. Been there done that, already know. Lol)

    If you haven't I put a small review (no spoilers) along with the comics here:
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    I've played it through, repetitive and you're overpowered.

    Lame imo.


    and many of my friends.
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    I've watched the movie and it peeked my interest for the game. Have not got to the game, yet. But will probably do so. The movie was okay. Nothing great and seemed like a lot of the same old, same old with a couple of good ideas. Seems like it's been done before, but with a different story line.

    I'll post back when I try out the game...
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    Dead Space is pretty damn fun, it reminds me a lot of DOOM3.

    I still haven't seen Downfall but I plan on it.
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