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    so... there was this...speck. This tiny black speck in the lower left corner of my psp screen. everytime i tried to play a game it was there and it i was under the screen so the hundreds of screen wipes did nothing.

    long story short: i crack open the psp, shoot some air in it and the speck is gone, only now there's dots in the corner. i try to wipe of the dots [with an sp and motorolla screen cleaner [yeah idk wtf to use]] and they mulitiply...and a tiny hair joined them. anyways. now there's a small minefield of dots, a smudge or two, dust, and a giant splooge from where the dust-off decided to shoot out freezing liquid instead...

    ...and my d-pad is stiff and wont work [the flexible part didn't want to stay attached to the hard part [and it didn't tighten when i closed it]...].

    SO, how do i clean the inside of the screen [faceplate], lcd, and get all corners of the d-pad to fit together?

    EDIT: good news, i got the d-pad working. bad news, i am retarded.
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