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    ok i had a previous psn account that i was using to sign in to games like Resistance Retribution. now i made a new account and whenever i try to sign-in it says "You Cannot Sign-in Using Another User's Sign-In ID(E-mail Address)".

    someone help please.

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    Need Help With PSN Account Sign-In Please

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    ROFL, no responses yet xD
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    u theif, ur trying to steal someones elses email
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    LOL my guess would be to just call up Sony
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    I'm guessing you are using the same email as the old account just make a new one

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    yeah thats what I was going to say Geek, for some reason when you made a new account they let you use the same email address though they shouldn't let you. Like he said just make a new email address or something and tie it to that account.

    I know you can use another sign in ID on another ps3 as I have done it before flawlessly.
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    HELP i can't make a psn accont they keep telling me that my address is invalid
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    Also, your signature is way too big.

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