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    Hi everyone, new to the site and have found a wealth of knowledge however I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how to go about modding my PSP.

    I remember modding one of the first PSP's when they were first released but since lost a little interest in it over the years but now I've managed to pick up an old PSP 1000 running 3.03 sony firmware.

    Could somebody point me in the right direction with how and what I'll need to do to get up to speed running whatever the is best and latest custom firmware to run some sweet homebrew apps.

    Is my PSP running to late of firmware to revert back to an earlier (maybe easier) firmware to start modding or is there an upgrade path that I need to take to get get started.

    Thanks in advanced and I'm sorry if this has been raised a million times before but I really need the most latest advise.
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    Your firmware is fine...


    That is the link for the guide on how to hack it. Its real easy. If you have any more issues let us know.

    THE URL just remove the quotes...
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