Thread: UMD-shaped Fanless Cooler for PSP - Will It Really Help Cooling the PSP?

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  1. #1 UMD-shaped Fanless Cooler for PSP - Will It Really Help Cooling the PSP? 
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    I just bought a brand new PSP 3000 and played it for like 5 hours straight, and i noticed it's really heating. Then I think of something that it cools the psp because playing it on a long time is unavoidable for me. Since my psp hackable it's UMD drive is useless, so im thinking of creating a UMD-shaped fanless cooler but my questions are:

    1. Will it really help cooling the psp?
    2. Will it damage the psp or something?
    3. If you think it can help, how should I design it?

    Any comments or suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    uhuh...well i'll recommend that you put it to sleep every once in a while, and the only fan mod i've seen is seriously invasive and will make it bigger.

    and uh, it doesn't heat up that much, and i live in a freaking hot place.

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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