Thread: Noobish question: What is "ISO" or "CW" annnd "CSO?"

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  1. #1 Noobish question: What is "ISO" or "CW" annnd "CSO?" 
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    I'm looking through all these homebrew guides for the first time, and all these terms are popping up. I even searched the beginner's forum and everyone already seemed to know. -__-
    Can anyone clarify what all this lingo means? I feel like if I only knew, I could make sense of this much faster.

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    ISOs are UMD game backups that haven't been compressed.
    CSOs are ISOs that have been compressed.
    CFW means, "Custom Firmware". For example, 5.00 M33-6 is a CFW.
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    Awhhh I shee, I shee.

    Thank you!
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    Another question.
    I keep getting instructions to save something into my "ISO" folder in "the root of my memory card."
    Is this the MP ROOT or something? Do I have to create my own ISO folder?

    Edit: I answered my own question...
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