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    After a long conceal the existence of the newest portable gaming device, Sony finally lift the handset to talk about the latest info PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2). The handset is likely to be launched in mid 2011 and new market entry in late 2011. Kaz Hirai, Sony’s PlayStation division boss, recently talked about the portable gaming. Hirai even divulge the features and design that is on PSP2. Hirai revealed that the PSP at this time, both variants of the PSP-3000 and PSP Go, get older and need rejuvenation effort. Not to mention a competitor Sony, Nintendo will release 3DS platform next year.

    It is said Hirai, PSP 2 has a touch screen control as well as physical buttons. He went on to say that the game created for the PSP2 could be played in different ways and with several types of interface controls. “Depending on the game, there is a touch panel. But there also with physical buttons,” said Hirai. “I think there may be a game where you can use both in combination, touch and physical,” said Hirai. He added the success of Apple and Android have more or less affect mobile gaming industry. “Games are played on the Android platform and Apple are fundamentally different from the world of immersive games. Sony Computer Entertainment, and PlayStation, aims to point to that direction,” said Hirai.
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    If this is old news then sorrow about posting. Don't remember reading about it so I posted.
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