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    As the title states, I am unable to play games on my newly hacked PSP3000 with 6.60 Pro-C2. I previously had a PSP3000 with 6.35 Pro-B5, but it broke, and I bought a new one. I was unable to easily complete the downgrading and upgrading process to get to 6.35 pro-B5, so I upgraded to OFW 6.60 and installed Pro-C2 on my PSP. I am still using the same 8gb memory card that I used on my old, 6.35-pro B5 PSP. I load an iso, the "PSP" logo flashes up, hangs and then the PSP turns off. This has happened with every game I have tried, except PS1 games such as Suidoken 2 which I have installed.

    I need help with this, please - what am I doing wrong? How can I fix this, and play iso games?
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    Try using another firmware. I use this one: 6.60LME-1.8 - Downloads - - PSP / PS Vita Forums
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