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    hey whats up

    well i read the " how to write questions guide" so wish me luck

    the current firmware i run on my PSP slim is 3.71 m33-4. Well i just got legend of dragoon CD 1 on my PSP, and everything ran perfectly. However, after the end of disc one, I saved my game to a new block and then proceeded to disc two. I am fully aware that you can just load the game using the save file from disc one, but thats just the problem.When i got CD 2, it told me the file was non existent. I know the problem, its because both game use different save ids, but i dont know how to fix the problem. I use POPgui to convert my isos to eboot format. I tried putting in a the save ID from CD 1 with POPgui but it still cant see the file. could you guys (or girls) help me with this problem?

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    open the disc 2 eboot and change it's game id to the one found in disc 1
    ::GUIDE::How to convert Old thems to 3.71 m33-3


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    lol sorry i just figured it out. thing was, i was using PopGui 1.57 or something. it wouldnt let me change game ids. i downloaded 3.00 and got it to work by changing the ID lol. thanks agian though
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    I have the same problem but i changed the ID to 94491 the same on as disk one and it still dosent work i used PSX2PSP 1.4.2 program and still wont read the save data HELP.
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