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    I'm using NesterJ on 3.90-M33 and I have no issues with it, but I would like more then 10 save slots, anybody know of one (or if I can add some to NesterJ)?

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    that is the best, and the 10 slots are per game. So if you play a game, save in slot 1, then go to play another, that slot will be reserved for the current game. You can save there and go back to your other game without any overwriting. It's like that will all emulators I believe
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    Yeah, I know there's ten slots per game. I like to save progressively as I go, that way if there's a section I like to play I can go back to it at any time and I wouldn't mind having more then 10 slots. Perhaps just make copies of the ROMs and rename them 1,2 etc. for extra slots?
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    you can probably copy the current save files to another location. when you want to play those saves again just copy it back. this method works on the NES emulator im using on my pc.
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