Thread: what emulators are available for psp???

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  1. #1 what emulators are available for psp??? 
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    i have lots of games for ps1, ps2, gamegear, gameboy, nintendo ds, xbox, xbox360, psp, nes, snes, sega master system, sega genesis, atari, coleco vision, jaguar, and turbo graphics 16... etc.

    i want to make sure i can back all my files up, yah know. what emulators are available for psp?.. all i know of is nes, snes, psx, neo-geo, and possibly gameboy.. but thats it. anything else available so i can back up my files?...

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    If you want all psp emulator then check This Out. Popsloader is a ps1 emulator thats on my sig if you want to ge it.
    There is no ps2, xbox, or xbox360 emulators.

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