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    Takka is truly outdoing himself everytime he releases a new and updated version of his mod of Exophase's Gameboy Advance emulator, gpSP. Now we gave you gpSP v0.8 kai 2.5 a few days ago, and now we're giving you gpSP v0.8 kai 2.6. As always, this release comes in 1.0, 1.5, and eloader.

    Now we've fallen prey to the bad online translation monster. Here's a translated version of the changelog. We hope someone out there could hook us up with an accurate English translation of the changelog, but for what it's worth, here is the changelog.

    * Bug correction of VRAM write (re-corrected)
    * Bug correction when reading/writing 0x18000
    * Replacement of RL channel of sound (gbc interchangeable sound correction)
    * Deleting the unnecessary variable operation of the main loop mips_stub. It tried the portion of S to use delay slot, (from 182 people) mips_stub. It developed the macro of S and tried to use delay slot
    * Addition of debug mode
    o debug mode is added by building with e " OPT=-DDEBUG_MODE "
    * for eLoader
    o tried not to set the clock

    Told you it was a rough translation. But the important thing here is that this emulator is working. As for Takka's future plan on this one, he plans to expand the list of compatible games and improve some features of the emulator.

    checked it personally working fine (Almost on All GBA roms with smoother n faster grfix) with eloader on 2.80

    download it here
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    he did, did you check the download link?(look at the bottom) and i thought the last release was the final one.
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