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  1. #1 Best Beat/Dancing Games for PSP? 
    I am looking for some awesome beat/dancing games with awesome music. I've been playing Audition Portable, the most awesome game ever, with amazing music. I am wondering if there are more games like this.

    I know Dance Dance Revolution (PS1 Emulator)
    Patapon (Beat game, not really music)
    Audition Portable

    Are there any others like it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitochondria View Post
    Theres homebrew games, and DJ Portable Max 1 & 2. Im sure theres others but forgot which ones they are.
    Hm...Do you know of any of these homebrew games? Or have you not really paid attention to them, and just know they are there? I tried getting DJ portable Max but I didn't find it, and my friend loves the game to much to let me borrow it.
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