These are some of my own personal reviews of PSP games I am either playing or have played.

Need I say anything about these 2 brilliant games. I think not. If you have played any of the other GTAs on the consoles these 2 games are nothing short of what there console brothers are. Fucking pure awesome.

Metal Gear Acid 1 + 2
If you are into the metal gear scene this is a great game for you. Keep in mind it is a huge change from playing the other MGS games but the card system is a fun twist. It's a turn based card strategy game. There's lots of nostalgic stuff from the old metal gear games. I still play it today its fun to beat and try to get all of the cards.

Killzone: Liberation
Great 3rd person shooter for the PSP. Its got awesome online gameplay as well as a great 1 player mode complete with different weapons and skills you can earn in the challenge modes. Different levels of difficulty also make it a game to keep playing.

Burnout Legends
OMG this is fun shit. Great cars, great soundtrack, crashing into shit for money. This game has gotten many great reviews and I love that I bought it.
If you like racing games this is a must for PSP.

Games I did'nt like.

Star Wars Battlefront and Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow.
They both have gotten great reviews but god dammit I fucking hated to controls in both games using the buttons to aim the gun is such an annoyance. Perhaps the dual-nub mod would make these games better. Both great games awesome content but in my opinion shitty controls.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
For some of you this may sound like blasphemy but this game was LAME LAME LAME. I played it for about 2 hours and could already tell it was going to be boring an repetitive. Surprise it was! The controls are ok and if you like FF games this is for you but Zzz...every battle was the exact same and it everytime you did some powerful move by pure dumb chance it goes to some lame cut scene that looks more movie quality then game-play quality. Not my kinda game.

If i offended you sweet, if i didn't ooh well...