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    i used to be able to play my copied psp games but now ever since i got version 3.80 i cant even load copies on
    does it stop you from playing copies and if so how can i unistall it if you know what i mean;( and NO i m not gonna post it in the psp forums since this is more busy
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    3.80 COUSTOM firmware right? Oh, and you should post this thread in firmware. trust me, if you don't post crap, you'll get a responce.
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    you need a cfw to play copies
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    Second PSP2k : OFW 4.01 --> 5.03 --> ChickHEN R2 --> CFWEnabler 3.60 --> 5.03MHU

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    I recommend that you update to CFW 5.00-m33-6. I've found it to be very compatible. Also, it seems that DarkAlex releases more tools for 5.00 than anything else.
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