Thread: how do i find out what model psp i have

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  1. #1 how do i find out what model psp i have 
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    just like the title says im tryin to find out what model i have
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    look at the sticker

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    How to check if you can mod your PSP

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    you can also tell by looking at the buttons and speakers.

    if your speakers are on the bottom, you have a phat
    speakers on top and you have a home button that says home, you have a slim

    speakers on top, you have a microphone and the home button is the PS symbol, you have a brite/3000 model.

    if you have one with a sliding screen, no UMD drive, build in memory and a sealed battery....well you have a DS
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    ok i was checkin it i know it is the phat boy it has speakers on the bottomanr on both side of the screen there is two more little holes. do it matter if came from germany?
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    You have 4 speaker holes?
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    sticker under battery
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    OK, what's the best way to determine which model of slim you have (I know they have 2 or 3 different mobos and only 1 or 2 can be modded), I know the piano black, god of war, grey can be modded, other than that I'm lost. I have some people at work that want me to mod theirs, need to be able to tell if they can be modded.
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    really the best way is with the sticker at the bottom, but if not:

    if the psp talks through its ass (the bottom) then its a phat (1000)

    if it talks through its face and is smaller than the phat, then its a 2000

    if its the same as above AND has a microphone which is next to the volume buttons, then its a 3000

    1000 and 2000 are fully hackable, but do your research if its a 3000
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