It has been a very long time coming, but at last we have some good news for those of you with a Western PS Vita account. A demo for Gravity Rush has now been confirmed to be releasing at the end of next month.

While it is obviously good news for those that havenít played it yet Ė we donít really understand all the fuss. An English demo of Gravity Rush has been available on the Hong Kong PSN store for months now and it isnít too difficult to backup your data, restore your PS Vita and quickly set it up with a Hong Kong account to grab the demo.
The demo itself isnít really too exciting either. You are just placed in a town square getting to grips with all the different commands and it culminates in fighting a large boss on a rooftop Ė it did nothing to blow us away like Rayman Origins did.
The full game will be out this June in Europe and the US, so the English demo at the end of May should serve as a perfect preview if you plan to buy the game. Like we said though the demo is easily accessible if you have a Hong Kong PSN account, so you donít have to wait any longer for a taste of the game.
Gravity Rush is being touted as one of the most promising PS Vita games seen yet, but weíre more interested in finding out what has happened to Call of Duty. The idea of being able to play online multiplayer on the Vita is a mouth-watering prospect, so letís hope that Sony and Activision have some more details to share on that game soon.
Are you on board the Gravity Rush bandwagon, or do you not see what all the fuss is about after playing the Japanese demo or the English demo on the Hong Kong store? We wonder if it will be the exact same demo that is available now, or if Japan Studio are planning to alter it for its Western release.