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    hi all, great site you got here I got a lot of spare time coming up and I want to get back in to my gaming on the sony psp again, But before I go to game and purchase a game can you recommend a PSP demo I could try before I buy. I prefer an action psp game but also like sport games. Anyone know of any good demos I can try out

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    Well, there are a lot of good games on PSP, most action games are 3rd person shooters, but i'll just mention a few:

    -Metal gear solid: Peace Walker (Awesome Game, must play)
    -Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror & Logans Shadow
    -Resistance Retribtion
    -Monster Hunter seriess
    -Crush (platform, good action)
    -Loco Roco series (kids game, still fun)
    -Secret Agent Clank
    -Tomb Raider

    As for Sports, I've only played Fifa 2012 which is fun.

    And you can get almost every demo for every game here:

    PSP Demo Centre

    Make sure you download the english versions
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