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    Please help me.. My START Button is not functioning and I would like to play some games in my PSP. In addition, I would love it if the games you would recommend does not use the Analog stick as well because it actually functions on its own but is still usable unlike the START Button.

    Please tell me the games that you know that does not really need a START Button In Game (like games that uses the Button for PAUSING only)

    Thank you very much and it is very much great to be here!
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    I don't think there is one. Start button is a must. LOL
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    Just get a new home bar. Easy to find and cheap to buy on eBay. You barely even have to take the PSP apart to replace it either. Take out the 7 screws holding the faceplate, take off the faceplate and the home bar is sitting right there.
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